Edgefolding lines and tools for interior parts with premium surfaces

Within the edgefolding lines and tools R+S Automotive has been working together with Greidenweis Maschinenbau OHG for many years. The edgefolding machines and tools of Greidenweis are known worldwide within the automotive industry for producing interior parts with perfect surfaces and premium visual effect. For folding decor material around a support edge – the edgefolding process – we developed sophisticated technologies fixing the decor simultaneously via a joining process to the support. Especially efficient are our combined tool concepts completing several process steps fully automatically in succession.

Our edgefolding lines at a glance:

  • Edgefolding lines for 3D decor edgefolding, such as leather, textile, foil
  • Edgefolding lines with integrated adhesive application

Our edgefolding tools at a glance:

  • Edgefolding tools with 3D slider arrangements
  • Edgefolding tools with various heating and cooling zones

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