Punching and cutting lines and tools technologies for interior and exterior parts

With the high-grade punching and cutting technologies of R+S Automotive, for each application the optimal tool is available to you. Thus, you are able to implement new design requirements of the automotive industry directly and process all materials flexibly – not only within the interior but also within the exterior.

Our specialists develop for you punching and cutting systems of all types: For foam parts, for pressed natural fibre parts with and without decor, for textile lining and insulation or plastic parts. Furthermore, also JIT punch devices and waterjet cutting and milling holders are part of our portfolio.

We fulfil any of your machine and tool wish – the more unusual the better: As a recognised partner of the automotive industry, we have expert know-how in all punching and cutting technologies, such as for female/male moulds, knife on a steel counter bearing, knife against plastic string and hotknife techniques.

Our Latest Innovation: Electrical Die-Cutting Units with Maximum Speeds while Maintaining an Efficient Performance.

By using the new electrical cylinder we combine the high speed of the pneumatics with the force of the hydraulics while optimising the management of resources at the same time.

The following advantages result from that for you:

  • reduced cycle times (up to 50 %)
  • lower energy costs
  • longer lifetime
  • more exact positioning accuracy (±5 μm)
  • improved efficiency (> 90%)
  • minimised maintenance costs
  • increased flexibility
  • more efficient use of space

Our punching and cutting lines at a glance:

  • Punching machines of 30t up to 1000t pressing power
  • Punching machines of 800 x 800 mm up to 2,500 x 3,000 mm table size
  • Punching devices for variation punches
  • Fully automatic punching plants with handling systems, waste discharge, etc.
  • Waterjet cutting machines with rotary table
  • Electrical Die-Cutting Units

Our punching and cutting tools at a glance:

  • Punching tools with transfer cuts
  • Punching tools with knife trimming against a steel counterpiece
  • Punching tools with knife trimming against a plastic counterpiece
  • Variation and version punching devices
  • JIT punching devicesn
  • Waterjet cutting holders
  • Milling holder

Product Video – Die-Cutting Units

Experience die-cutting lines and tools by R+S Automotive. In this video we show you solutions which we have realised for customers.




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