Moulding-press lines for natural fibre, lining and insulation parts

With moulding-press lines of R+S Automotive you achieve high-grade results in pressing and moulding of various materials for the automotive industry. We develop and manufacture individual lines for you, which you can use to process many materials – for instance, pressed natural fibre parts with and without decor or textile lining and insulation parts. But also many other materials used within the interior of cars such as GMC, GMT, SMC, LFI, RIM or S-RIM.

Our moulding-press lines at a glance:

  • Presses of 30t up to 1,000t pressing power
  • Presses of 800 x 800 mm up to 3,000 x 3,000 mm table size
  • Hot presses of 50t up to 400t.
  • Semi, fully automatic thermoform lines for NF/PP and various carpet qualities
  • Various technologies to heat the materials (IR fields, contact heating presses)
  • Handling, unwinding and winding, robot, feeding and transport systems, etc.

Product Video - Compression Moulding

Experience compression moulding lines by R+S Automotive. In this video we show you solutions which we have realised for customers.